Does your business need new or additional workspace or storage?

If you’re looking for an affordable solution for your industrial manufacturing facility,
Diuk Arches has exactly what you need!
Our industrial hangars have an affordable solution for plants, greater work spaces and storage solutions for heavy equipment and supplies.
Our steel hangars offer column-free interiors with widths of up to 30m and unlimited lengths, providing ample usable space for your manufacturing needs. All of our hangars can be fully customized with skylights, vents, windows, insulation, sliding doors and more.
By simply bolting the panels together, our hangars can be assembled in just a few days or weeks, making them the perfect solution when your project needed to be done yesterday.
Many of our clients also use our industrial hangars for heavy equipment storage, truck and part garages, truck transfer centers and even office space.
Our hangars come with a 20 year warranty and we offer several construction styles to accommodate your needs.

Questions? We’d love to help:

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