Aircraft hangars

Custom aircraft hangars for both airplans storage and aircraft repair at a competitive price.
You can be sure that your plane or helicopter is protected from damaging weather elements by one of our tough steel hangars.

What is the reason for choosing our metal arch building as an aircraft hangar?
Our hangars provide affordable security and protection for your airplan and related storage needs. You made a significant inestment in your aircraft, so it makes sense to protect it.

The best solution for light aircraft
By simply bolting hangar panels together, the construction can be done by yourself. All Diuk's hangars include an assembly manual. Our airplane hangars are ideal for small aviation buildings and light aircraft storage. The hangars are maintenance free and durable enough to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and heavy snow and rain.

Our aircraft hangar is energy efficient, and less expensive to cool in the summer or heat in the winter. The low maintenance aspects of our buildings provide optimal storage conditions for your aircraft.

Keep in mind that our column-free, clear span interior design features widths of up to 30m, unlimited lengths and extremely high ceilings, perfect for aircraft storage.
Diuk's aircraft hangar is available with or without steel end-walls, and custom sliding doors options are available.

Questions? We’d love to help:

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