Diuk Arches


 Reliable Manufacturer

From 2002, Diuk is a valued manufacturer of steel arch buildings.
Our aim to provide you excellent metal arched building, base on years of experience, along with high standards of engineering, production and Quality control.
Hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world are testimony to this.


Many of our competitors are dealers and contractors.
Many of them have no engineering department or quality department in-house.

 Personal attention

We believe that Businesses are being made by people, therefore we pay attention for a personal service and one of our goals is to meet the clients’ needs.


Depends from whom you are buying.

 Quality and Durability

Diuk’s steel buildings are made from Alu-zinc: durable, tough and corrosion-resistant material (you get from us 20 years warranty)
Diuk Arches is well known for its highest limits of quality control. ISO 9001-2015 and IQNET certificates are an indication of our high quality control.


Most of the traditional buildings are made from wood and bricks.
There is doubt of their ability to withstand strong winds and snow.
Quality control of a dealer is very limited.


You can enlarge your arch building whenever you want, and you also can dismantle the arches and assemble them again in other location.


You mostly cannot do any changes after the assembly of traditional building.


Since we design and produce the buildings in the same place – we are flexible and have capability of designing special models – according the client demands.


Dealers and contractors have a limited flexibility with respect to the design and production process.

 Saving time and money

We have a control on the full process- from receiving the order till its shipment.
 Due to the fast production process and fast assembly – with our arch buildings you save time and money.


Dealer cannot control on the production time.
He depends on the producer and its schedule.

 Maintenance Free

With Diuks’ arched building there are no extra costs of maintenance


Most of the traditional buildings need a maintenance once in a while.

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