Our steel arches

The arch, used throughout human history for its remarkable stability and creation of a shelter unobstructed by supporting pillars, is an ideal solution for modern society where space efficiency is at a premium.
 The width of the Diuk-designed arch is adjustable to meet customer requirements, upper floors can be added, and the length of the structure itself is unlimited – providing the potential for new architectural designs and space-saving strategies.
Unlike conventional construction methods which require high economic investment, complex assembly and skilled labor, Diuk pre-engineered parts are designed to fit together with air-tight precision that is achieved without the need for cranes or other heavy machinery. Of all the Diuk Arches built around the world to date, 90 percent were hand-assembled by people with no prior construction experience.
The buildings designed by Diuk are not only cost-effective to purchase and easy to assemble, they are resistant to corrosion, pests, fire, hurricanes, blizzards and earthquakes, with a quality certification of IQNET and ISO (9002-2000). The fast, easy erection of these durable, maintenance-free arched buildings provides a solution for countless purposes – from industrial and military complexes that require strict quality control of structures, to emergency shelters that require fast response in the aftermath of sudden disasters.

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