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Our arches serve as an ideal solution for realizing the potential of the building by fully utilizing the architectural design space, with engineering strengths without the need for maintenance, and with self-assembly capability with no previous construction experience, making the arch suitable for a variety of uses.
For every structure you can add an accesories.

Military hangars

After the assembly of building, windows can be placed on end-walls or on arches. For maximum savings recommend using a combination of classic lighting and skylights. MILITARY HANGARS

Metal garage building

Individual elements of isolation can be simply mounted to the arches. If you are considering isolating the arched metal building, you can choose yourself the strength and material. METAL GARAGE BUILDING

model of arches

Industrial hangars

Diuk Arches can design and supply, along with the arched building, all types and sizes of doors: service/personal doors, sliding doors and overhead doors. INDUSTRIAL HANGARS

Steel storage buildings

Inserting skylights give you a pleasant daylight completely free. These elements are fully integrated with the other steel profiles. Skylights can place only above, but also on the end-walls, according to the local situation. STEEL STORAGE BUILDINGS

Aircraft hangars

Unlimited lengths and extremely high ceilings, perfect for aircraft storage. Diuk's aircraft hangar is available with or without steel end-walls, and custom sliding doors options are available

Agricultural buildings

Along with the arched building, you can order standard rooftop mechanical ventilation. This is a very cheap and efficient way to ventilate your house. AGRICULTURAL BUILDINGS

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