Agricultural buildings

Durable Agricultural Steel Buildings for protecting farm equipment and animals

Diuk's Agricultural Buildings offers the perfect solution to your farm’s storage needs with our metal building kits. You need to protect your investment in hard-earned farming equipment, cattle, livestock, crops and commodities. We offer customizable farm warehouse and self-storage solutions on any size.
Why choosing metal arch construction for agricultural needs?
Good shelter is essential to an agri-related business. This is why horses, livestock, hay, grain, crops and farm equipment all need protection from the elements.
Steel agricultural buildings are an ideal substitute for traditional wooden structures, thanks to their unparalleled strength and durability. They are maintenance free and are available in many sizes and models to suit your needs.
Diuks’ agricultural sheds offer 100% usable space and are fully customizable – you choose the model, width, length and end-wall style that best suits your needs. Many of our customers choose to construct their buildings with a single end-wall or leave it open-ended to facilitate ventilation.
“Diuk”s’ steel buildings are available in widths from 5.00m to 30m and in virtually any length.
With such variety of options, our steel buildings work as well for large-scale agricultural operations as they do for small farms.
Each arch building includes an assembly manual that is easy to follow, ensuring ease of construction. The experts of "Diuk Arches" are dedicated to providing the highest quality of agricultural buildings and we offer 20 year warranty against corrosion.
Our Agricultural Hangars are perfect for:
•    Livestock Barns and Storage
•    Farm Equipment
•    Hay and Crop storage
•    Round Roll Storage

Questions? We’d love to help:

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