you can add different accessories custum made to your buildings.
Accessories 1


Along with the arched building, you can order standard rooftop mechanical ventilation. This is a very cheap and efficient way to ventilate your house

Accessories 2


Diuk arches provice end-wall from the same matterial of our arches. you can also do the wall yourself from any matterial that you choise

Accessories 3


Diuk Arches can design and supply, along with the arched building, all types and sizes of doors: service/personal doors, sliding doors and overhead doors

Accessories 4


Individual elements of isolation can be simply mounted to the arches. If you are considering isolating the arched metal building, you can choose yourself the strength and material

Accessories 5


After the assembly of building, windows can be placed on end-walls or on arches. For maximum savings recommend using a combination of classic lighting and skylights

Accessories 6


Inserting skylights give you a pleasant daylight completely free. These elements are fully integrated with the other steel profiles. Skylights can place only above, but also on the end-walls, according to the local situation